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How I Got My Ass Kicked Doing Rehab

New construction addition being added to old home

It seemed like a good idea at the time. We bought a historic house very cheaply. We knew it needed extensive renovations. But when it was completed, it would be a jewel.

Then we hired a contractor. And our project went to hell.

The renovations required more money than anticipated. The contractor was not skilled. And now, we are in a dispute involving lawyers and expert witnesses. It’s a big, fat mess.

I would strongly advise to not do things the way we did when rehabbing a house. Here are some ways you can avoid getting your ass kicked.

  1. Get multiple bids on a construction project.
  2. Check references on the contractors.
  3. Ask specifically what type of experience they have on the job you need completed.
  4. Be as specific as possible with the scope of the construction agreement...
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My First Investment Property
St. Petersburg, FL (Pt. 2)

Inside my new flat in my four-plex. I was happy I could finally call it home!

Inside my new flat in my four-plex. I was happy I could finally call it home!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first investment property came with challenges. I thought they were behind me once the terms had been agreed to and the contract signed. Really, my saga was just beginning.

By November 2011, I had a contract in place on a four-plex in St. Petersburg, Florida. We had agreed to a delayed closing, anticipating that everything would work out by February 2012.

Let me take you back in time. America had just experienced one of the worst plummet of real estate. Everyone was pointing fingers at who was to blame. New regulations were put in place and mortgage lenders became the focus of scrutiny. I got caught up in the middle of these dynamics.

My plan was to purchase the home with a ...

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My First Investment Property
St. Petersburg, Florida

house frontMy adventure into investment properties began in 2012. I was working a full-time job in corporate sales, had landed one large sale and had more lined up. I had wanted to live in Florida for a while, and since I would be earning large commission checks coming my way, this seemed like the perfect time to buy my new home. I could change my residency from Montana to Florida (which has no state income tax), get a great tax break on another homeĀ and escape winter. It all seemed perfect!

I startedĀ out looking at single family homes and condos in locations I thought might interest me in the Tampa Bay area since I had traveled there many times before for work. My budget was around $200k. I would use 20% down and finance the rest with a traditional mortgage...

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